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The SQR Evangelist

With over a decade of experience integrating Oracle applications and SQR, Darrin Miller's wealth of knowledge is a true asset to any organization embarking on integrating an RDBMS application with SQR. Moreover, Mr. Miller’s thorough understanding of the features and benefits of the SQR language sets him apart as a leader in providing software development methodologies and practices that facilitate code flexibility, standardization, and optimization.

This web site is intended to promote the use and understanding of SQR, as well as Darrin Miller's book, Harnessing SQR.

Please browse through this site. You'll find information about SQR, some important SQR links, a way to ask the Evangelist questions about SQR, and information on his book, as well as an order form. You can also view a presentation about the new edition of Harnessing SQR.

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