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The Manufacturer of SQR

  Brio Software Inc
Want to find out more about other products made by the marketer of SQR? Want to subscribe to the Brio newsletter? Want to find out about exciting new features and upcoming events related to Brio products? If so, go to the Brio web site.
SQR Consulting & Contracting Firms
  DSS Ltd. Over the years DSS Ltd has worked with people, such as the SQR Evangelist and others, in creating mission critical SQR applications. The contribution that DSS Ltd has made at various customer sites is truly astonishing. DSS Ltd has frequently contributed to the understanding and success of SQR and SQR projects by serving as presenters at Brio Software users conferences. Moreover, DSS Ltd is a pioneer in the area of tracking and analyzing SQR development metrics via its creation of the "SQR Visualizer" software application.
  Ray Ontko & Co. Truly experts in the field of SQR and other Brio products, Ray Ontko & Co. is an authorized Brio Software reseller. The experience and knowledge that this company and its employees bring to the table is invaluable. A consistent presenter at Brio Software users conferences, as well as a frequent contributor of SQR enhancements, Ray Ontko & Co. and its employees possess an intimate understanding of SQR and its integration with other Brio products.
SQR Users Group & Other SQR Informational Entities
  SQRUG Want to join the SQR User’s group? Have questions related to SQR? Want an international library of SQR code and utilities at your fingertips? If so, go to For years the information found within, and contacts that can be made within, SQRUG have proven invaluable to SQR users and developers alike.

SQR Tools

Want to access another site that contains information about SQR, complete with utilities, techniques and links to similar sites of interest?
SQR Editors
  SQR Runner Want a true SQR IDE tool – file compares, built in debugger with the ability to create breakpoints and watches, etc. SQR Runner offers a complete, editor based SQR development environment.
  FTPEdit Don’t have Brio.ReportBuilder or any other type of client-server based SQR development tool? Need to develop your SQR programs directly on a UNIX box; but don’t want to use VI? FTPEdit allows you to quickly and easily connect to a UNIX box and make code changes to your SQR programs within a user-friendly environment, complete with an industry standard editor interface.

Textile Computer Systems, Inc.

Want to simplify the highly complex function of System Analysis, Program Development, Application Management, and Upgrade Management for systems developed using SQR, like PeopleSoft, Hrizon, Maximo, etc.? Textile Computer Systems, Inc. offers a variety of utilities and tools that make various activities and tasks easy within an SQR based environment.